Flying Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets Globally

In many ways, flying is similar for both humans and pets! Despite the lack of inflight movies, most pets handle flying quite well. What’s more, pet flights are usually the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way to transport your fur babies from A to B. At Pets Abroad UK, we offer international pet flights services to all animals, including dogs, cats, birds rats, fish, guinea pigs, pedigree pets, and even exotic zoo animals and wildlife.

Pets Abroad UK can take care of:

  • Overall management of your pets relocation
  • Advice and schedules for pre-import blood tests and vaccinations
  • Endorsements and vet checks with overseas animal health authorities
  • Scheduling flights
  • Crate hire or purchase
  • Airport drop off
  • Airport collection
  • Quarantine reservations, if required
  • Quarantine management

What’s Better: Driving or Flying Pets Domestically?

At Pets Abroad UK, we offer both domestic air pet transport and domestic road pet transport to suit different pet transport needs. In general, flying is quicker, cheaper, and easier to organise. It’s our most popular type of pet transport for a reason! However, it’s not right for all pets or in all situations. There are a number of reasons why road transport is better for certain pets. If your pet is an anxious flyer, a brachycephalic breed (also known as ‘Brachy’ or Snub-nosed), a ‘banned breed’, or extra large, they might be better suited to road transport.

We’re here to help, not judge. If you’re not sure which mode of transportation would be better for you and your pet and we can discuss the pros and cons of each in more detail with you.

What is the Process of Flying Pets?

There’s more to flying than just the flight. Just like human air travel, pets need to arrive at the airport and check-in hours before their flight with all export documentation and required paperwork. Once your pet lands, the collection process is typically quite long and involved, but varies by country. You’ll need to ensure all licences, permits, and health certificates are provided and a local vet will need to ‘clear’ your pet on arrival. Pets Abroad UK can handle as many or as few of these tasks as you’d like.

Door To Door Service

We offer a full Door to Door service, meaning your pet will be collected from your residence in one of our climate controlled vans at their pickup location, taken to boarding or directly to the airport (depending on the flight schedule), then collected and delivered to their final destination once the plane lands. For international travel, this includes customs clearance and all other requirements in the destination country.

Airport To Airport

Airport to Airport is when you make the arrangements to deliver your pet to the airport and collect them at the other end yourself. This option is good if you’re on a budget, but it does require more time, effort, and knowledge about airport protocols on your behalf.

Airport To Door & Door To Airport

Airport to Door and Door to Airport are variations on the two above, where your pet will either be picked up or dropped off by us, but not both. Common reasons you might choose this option are if you are sending your pet somewhere but aren’t going yourself, you want to minimise the stress of handling documentation in another country, or your pet will be arriving before you.

Pet Boarding

Pets Abroad UK can organise various types of pet boarding like kennels and catteries for both short and long stays domestically and internationally. If your pet needs to be boarded during any point in their journey, either planned as part of a long haul trip, or unplanned due to an unexpected event, we can accommodate them.

If you’d like us to organise pet boarding for you either domestically or abroad, we are more than happy to liaise with our network of kennels and catteries to ensure your pet is always in safe hands.


At Pets Abroad UK we try to give customers as much choice as possible. If you have your own crate you are welcome to use it if it’s in good condition and airline-approved. The regulations change from time to time so we will need to verify with you that it meets current standards. The easiest way is to email us a photo of your crate and we can advise you personally from there.

If you don’t have a crate you can buy or hire one of ours. We stock a full range to suit all types of animals. For smaller animals such as cats, small dogs, birds, and reptiles, purchasing a crate is very economical. For large dogs it is usually advisable to hire one unless you plan to fly your dog frequently, as they can be quite expensive.

Please note, if you hire one of our crates you must leave it at the Airport. It is a Federal Offence to remove our hire crates from any Australian Airport.