Most frequent questions and answers

Your pet will be collected in a climate-controlled, state of the art vehicle by a pet handling specialist and transported to premium holding facilities before travelling. All WWAT vehicles are DEFRA Type 2 authorised and in line with current regulation. At the appropriate time, your pet will be transported to the airport and a Pets Abroad handler will be waiting at the other end to carefully courier the pet to its final destination.

When you choose airport to airport pet travel, you are arranging for Pets Abroad UK to book your pet on a flight using their discounted freight rates. A crate for your pet will be available at the airport 90-120 minutes before travel.

The Pets Abroad UK office is just ten minutes from London Heathrow airport. We meet all of our clients at either our office, private boarding kennel, cattery, or vet clinic prior to travel to prepare the pets.

Our team consists of both vets and vet nurses. We can ensure that any anxious pets or pets on medication are catered for through a detailed travel plan specifically designed to address any special veterinary care they require.

With WWAT’s extensive national network of professional pet travel consultants, you can confidently receive information on the many and varied levels of service. Simply contact Pets Abroad UK to discuss your requirements.

The UK requires pets to be checked in 4-5 hours prior to departure. To minimise last minute disasters, we usually meet the day before and board overnight on site, or request our clients arrive around 6 hours prior to the flight.

Pets Abroad UK travel consultants will confirm with each booking the time you are required to be at the airport and ensure your pet is presented within the requirements of the airline they are travelling on. Should your pet be travelling internationally your professional sales consultant will advise all details in regards to your pets’ movements prior to departure.

To avoid travel sickness, it is recommended you don’t feed your pet at least six hours before their travel time.

Sedatives are not allowed but our experienced vets and vet nurses can advise on appropriate anti-anxiety medication for your pet if they require it.