The Most Reliable Pet Transport In The UK

Pet travel in the UK does not have to be daunting.

Whatever your pets circumstances, whether they are moving with you or you have decided to give a loving home to a shelter pup, Pets Abroad UK works with you to find your tailor made transport solution.

We move hundreds of pets every year across the UK, treating each and everyone as if they are our own.

What We Offer

A dedicated pet travel consultant and specialist advice regarding the best preparation for your pets relocation.

When it’s time to travel Pets Abroad can collect your pet(s) from any UK address. Our DEFRA approved, climate controlled vehicles and attentive, caring staff mean they travel in comfort and safety at all times.

How Do I Know My Pet Will Be Safe?

Our 50 years of experience is testimony to the care we take, with a focus on your pet’s welfare. Pet transport by air is a fast and efficient way to move your pet from A to B with the least amount of hassle. Just like you, your pet flies in a pressurised and air-conditioned cabin with the temperature set at a comfortable 18ºC by the captain. The compartment is lit dimly, so your beloved animal can see what is going on around them. However, most pets spend their time dozing to the gentle hum of the aircraft.

Pets can sense your stress and will start to feel uneasy too. So, it’s important you remain calm and carry on as normal in the lead up to their relocation. Pets Abroad UK will handle the rest with the utmost care until you and your furry friend are reunited.