Crate Information

Your pet being sized accurately and appropriately is one of the single most important elements of ensuring your pet will travel safely and comfortably, whether that be domestically or internationally. A crate that is too small for your pet will of course mean that your pet is uncomfortable throughout the journey, potentially causing them distress. A crate that is inappropriately too big for a pet can also cause a problem particularly if the flight suffers turbulence.

When booking your pets travel with WWAT you can be assured that your pet will travel in a crate that is most appropriate for your pet. we strictly follow the guide lines as stated in the Live Animal Regulations manual. In addition to that with years’ in the pet transport industry we have the necessary experience and tools to ensure a comfortable fit each and every time.

How To Measure Your Pet

  • A. Length in cm = Nose to root of tail – tail excluded
  • B. Length of front leg in cm = Floor to Elbow joint
  • C. Width in cm = At the widest point
  • D. Height in cm = Floor to top of head or ear tips while standing whichever is higher

If your Dog is a Brachycephalic breed please choose a crate that is one size larger to give your Dog more ventilation and space to move.

Crates For Other Animals

Need to transport a more exotic animal or unusual pet? Whether it’s an exotic fish, bird, goat, llama, or pot-belly pig, we can help.

We will help you choose an airline-approved animal crate that suits your pet and keeps it comfortable and safe wherever it’s flying to. Smaller animals like birds and reptiles travel in wooden crates with steel mesh panels while the largest passengers need custom-built animal crates.

We can also look after the import/export documentation, quarantine, vaccinations and all other international pet transport requirements. You can rely on our extensive experience and network to make your pet travel plans as smooth as possible.

Pets Abroad UK fly’s both plastic and wire crates around all main airports and most regional airports in the UK, if you do not see the airport you are looking for on the drop down menu, please call.

Pet Crate Sizes

Pet transportation can be a little stressful for both pet and owner whether international, domestic, or within the same city. Starting out with the right, airline-approved animal crate reduces the concerns.

Ensuring the welfare of the pet travelling is the number one priority. Below you can learn more about some of the tools we use to ensure the correct travel crate is chosen for your pet. In addition you can reserve a crate hire online.